LOAD 513 | Day 3

Fridays focus on the Clue crime scene rooms, and today's room is the kitchen. For me, that pretty much automatically translated to pictures about FOOD ;-)

This spread is about my fugu dining experience in Japan a few weeks ago.
I used paper from one of the first Basic Grey lines (Aged&Confused - Vagabond), so I'm guessing about 6-7 years old? Anywho, go me!


LOAD 513 | Day 2

Thursdays are all about the Clue murder weapons, and the first one is a dagger ("take a stab at it").
I flipped through my pile of photos and my thought process went something like this:
I'll admit it may seem a bit far-fetched, but I say it counts - HA! :-)


LOAD 513 | Day 1

It's May, so that means it's time for another round of LOAD! I had to give up February's LOAD approximately halfway through due to the flu and its after effects, so here's to hoping I'll fare better this time...

The theme for this month is "Get a Clue", and the prompts will be modeled after the game of Clue.
To get an idea of what to expect each day, Lain provided a list of daily themes;
Sundays - famous title of a suspense novel or movie
Mondays - mystery terminology
Tuesdays - the great mysteries of life
Wednesdays - characters from Clue
Thursdays - weapons/means of committing a crime
Fridays - rooms from Clue
Saturdays - motives for committing a crime        
So Wednesdays are character days, and the first character this month is Mrs White.
I used the prompt in a very literal sense and chose a white background for my spread.

Lain also declared May as "Use It Up"-month on her Facebook page. The idea is to use stuff from your stash and the first challenge was to make a spread with patterned paper that is at least a year old. I've had the brown travel paper for several years, so I decided to pair it with my Shinkansen pictures from a recent trip to Japan. I may add some more embellishments eventually - I couldn't find the Shinkansen notebook paper on which the ticket inspector wrote down the time at which we would pass Mt. Fuji on the way to Tokyo - not "around a quarter to 2", but exactly at 13.47...


Mini album birthday gift **(NOTE: photo-heavy post)**

My mom wanted me to make her an album about all the trips we took last year. There were quite a few of them, so it took a while to get it done.
I started out with selecting the album and creating a template for the page size. Then I made a page kit from papers in my stash and selected/printed the photos I wanted to use.
I wanted her to be able to write her own journaling, so other than the title and date on most of the pages, there is no journaling (yet).

Here's an overview:



LOAD 213 | Day 11

Today's prompt was the 'secret of adulthood', or the life lessons that you've learned so far. I made this digi page with a few quotes I pinned on Pinterest that struck a cord with me.

I made this page on my laptop, in bed, with a 38°C-ish fever. The flu may become a bit of a problem for the remainder of LOAD 213...


LOAD 213 | Day 10

And we're into the double digits! Woohoo!

Today's prompt was to scrap about this stage in your life. I made a digi page with several things that are sóóó 2013 for me :-)


LOAD 213 | Day 9

Today's challenge was to look at yourself as a child.
Another prompt I skipped since I remembered that I had to finish my mom's birthday present, a mini-album about the trips we took together last year, before the end of this month...
So I got to work on that for a bit and finished a few spreads in the album.


LOAD 213 | Day 8

Fridays are about the senses and today's prompt was to scrap a smell. Nothing immediately came to mind, so I chose these pics of the Sun Studio in Memphis instead.
I usually don't really like yellow, but this hue is very similar to the yellow in the logo, and I like how it turned out. Since chipboard letters have a tendency to lose their adhesive strength over time, I sewed them onto the page.


LOAD 213 | Day 7

Today's challenge was to scrap nature photos. An easy challenge for once!
It didn't take me long to decide on these photos of Bryce Canyon.

A rather clean & simple page, but I like how it turned out. I even tried some simplified layering - go me!


LOAD 213 | Day 6

The prompt for today was to scrapbook a page you've been putting off.
Does it count when you've taken a trip 4,5 months ago and hardly scrapbooked any photos you took?

I chose this patterned paper to reflect the food theme, and mixed up the letters out of necessity: I didn't have all the required letters stickers in one colour but I did have several colours in the same font. And, not surpisingly, song lyrics as page title :-)